City of Clever is now accepting applications for Maintenance Personnel

Job Description
Position: City Maintenance
Primary Purpose:
To ensure the City roads and grounds are kept safe and maintained to a degree of standards consistent to City requirements. To ensure streets are properly marked, signed, and lighted. To periodically survey city streets and property for the purpose of recommending items for construction in the budget planning process. To bring conditions, problems, to the attention of the Clerk then the Board of Aldermen as needed. To assist other city employees in accomplishing City services as necessary to continue required City services. ( ie; provide for the safety, general welfare and security of City property and/or Citizens.)
Description of work:
The maintenance person will as the needs arise, survey, maintain, and repair, city streets, grounds and buildings. The maintenance person will test run the City generators located at City Hall one time monthly.
Work Schedule/hours
The maintenance person is authorized on a full-time basis at the rate of 40 (forty) hours per week, or as authorized by the City Council. Paydays will be bi-weekly each month.
The maintenance person will also double as animal control. When animals are under City control, the maintenance person will ensure the safe keeping of such animals until final disposition is made to the rightful owner or an animal facility.
As with all City employees, the Maintenance person may be asked to provide assistance as necessary under the direction of the Mayor and or Board of Aldermen.
1. Minor repairs of any City Street.
2. Mow, weed eat, trim, City grounds, parks as needed.
3. Maintain City Hall under the direction of the City Clerk.
4. Assist other Public Utilities in emergency situation
5. Turn water off and on under the direction of the City Clerk
6. Set meters for new construction
7. Hang or replace all City street signs.
8. Test run all City generators 1 (one) time monthly and record date /time of test.
9. Pick up all stray dogs in City and put in pound.
10. Do all locates of city water and sewer lines.
At all times faithfully, industriously and to the best of their ability, experience and talents, perform all of the duties required of and from them. Such duties shall be rendered at the City of Clever, Missouri and at such other places or places as employer shall in good faith require or as the interests, needs and business of employer shall also require. Employee shall make available to employer all information of which employee shall have any knowledge and shall make suggestion and recommendations.

Full time employment with benefits starting at $12 hr. Duties will include, but are not limited to, minor repairs of City streets, mow, weed eat, trim, City grounds, parks as needed, assist other Public Utilities in emergency situation, help with water department on utilities. Full job description available on-line or at City Hall.
Application will be taken until 4:00 pm on December 6, 2019.
Applications can be found on-line or in person at City Hall. All applications must be dropped off at the Clever City Hall at: 304 S Clarke Ave. Clever, Mo 65631